Get Planted. Stay Planted.

I believe in the healing power of food. Planted has grown from this belief. We invite you to STAY PLANTED and grow your health and happiness with us!
Alisha Merrick, Founder

Planted Juice is inspired by our belief that true health and happiness start from the inside. We pack the wholesome goodness of over eight servings of fruits and vegetables in every sixteen ounce bottle of our cold- pressed organic juice.

Get Planted

with our exclusive cold- pressured recipes to maintain maximum nutrition at your convenience.

Stay Planted

with improved vibrant health and grow your happiness with us!

The Juice

At Planted, we use the finest organic produce available to guarantee our juice contains maximum nutrition, hydration, and health benefits without compromising your fast-paced lifestyle. We keep it simple, so your life can be too!

The Process

We utilize High Pressure Processing to ensure crisp freshness and bold delicious flavor from our kitchen straight to you. HPP uses pressure, not heat, to eliminate harmful bacteria while maintaining the natural essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants for up to 90 days.