At Planted, our philosophy is simple. We believe that true health and happiness start on the inside. Helping everyone achieve their true happy lifestyle and sustained wellness through convenient organic nutrition is what drives us to create Planted juices. We encourage you to let our juices help rejuvenate your body and keep you balanced, happy, energized, and well….. PLANTED!

Our Roots Run Deep

In 2000, I watched my mother battle cancer. A true fighter, she reevaluated her diet and began juicing daily. Today, she says it was the best health decision she ever made.

Her healthy new lifestyle has even eased the symptoms of her fibromyalgia and systemic candida, and she is no longer dependent on harsh hormone replacement drugs. Watching my mother’s health improve inspired me. I became a true believer in the power of food.

Planted has grown from this belief. We invite you to STAY PLANTED and grow your happiness with us! – Alisha Merrick, Founder